Early Modern
Research Network

'The Material Cultures of Early Modern Women's Writing'
ARC DP grant

Progress Report

Now at the beginning of its third and final year of funding, EMWRN's ARC DP-funded project 'The Material Cultures of Early Modern Women's Writing', involving 7 investigators at 6 institutions in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, is ahead of schedule and has already exceeded its nominated research outputs. To date, its team has:

  1. Published a special issue of a leading early modern studies journal, Parergon (December 2012) on the Early Modern Women's Writing and the Authorial Apparatus. Selection for the special issue was competitive and the special issue was nominated by Professor Anne Scott to launch a Parergon e-book series in reprint, and for a Society for the Study of Early Modern Women (SSEMW) collaborative publication award.
  2. Published an edited collection, Early Modern Women and the Poem, ed. Susan Wiseman (Manchester University Press, 2013).
  3. Hosted a themed 3-day stream on The Material Cultures of Early Modern Women's Writing at the EMRC Early Modern Studies Conference, University of Reading, July 2013.
  4. Contracted an edited collection, Material Cultures of Early Modern Women's Writing, eds. Rosalind Smith and Patricia Pender, to Palgrave Macmillan for publication in 2014 (manuscript submitted October 2013).
  5. Held a 2-day symposium on Editing Early Modern Women's Writing (La Trobe University, February 2013) with international keynote speakers Professor Mary Ellen Lamb and Professor Susan Felch.
  6. Prepared an edited collection, Editing Early Modern Women's Writing, for publication in 2016. Currently under consideration with Cambridge University Press; full manuscript to be submitted to the press in July 2014.
  7. Completed the archive of seven digital editions (in draft) mapping the transmission, reception and circulation of seven case studies of early modern women's writing. The archive provides for the first time editions of Lady Mary Wroth's play Loves Victorie in manuscript and print, an edition of Mary Queen of Scots' poetry, prefatory and reception materials related to Anne Bradstreet's poetry, Lady Mary Jacob's poems, Susan Delavel's memoir, Elizabeth Melville's poetry, and texts relating to Mary Carleton.