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NUPSA Philosophy Workshops Bibliography

This is a work in progress, as I find time. I will try to add the works I've drawn most heavily on and/or the most useful references and/or are significant works for the material in the courses first.

Adamson, Peter History Of Philosophy Without Any Gaps (podcast) London: Kings College and the Leverhulme Trust, 2010-2018 https://historyofphilosophy.netcommentary, history
Adamson, Peter & Taylor, Richard C The Cambridge Companion To Arabic Philosophy Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005Islamic, history, commentary
Aristotle The Basic Works Of Aristotle New York: Random House, 1941Greek, classical, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, logic, rhetoric, science, virtue
Aristotle Nichomachean Ethics Newburyport: Focus Publishing, 2002Greek, classical, good life, virtue, ethics
Avicenna (Ibn Sina) The Metaphysica New York: Columbia University Press, 1973Islamic, metaphysics, epistemology, science
de Certeau, Michel The Practice Of Everyday Life Berkeley: University Of California Press, 1988French, poststructuralist, power, politics, strategy
Confucius (孔子) Analects New York: WW Norton, 1997Chinese, Confucianism, politics, virtue, ethics
Derrida, Jacques Margins Of Philosophy Chicago: The University Of Chicago Press, 1982French, poststructuralism, language, semiotics
Derrida, Jacques Of Grammatology Baltimore: The John Hopkins University Press, 1997French, poststructuralism, language, history, semiotics
Descartes, René Discourse on method and the Meditations London: Penguin Books, 1988French, enlightenment, epistemology, metaphysics, dualism, mind
Epicurus Letters, Principle Doctrines and Vatican Sayings Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1964Greek, classical, Epicureanism, Hellenistic, good life, ethics
Foucault, Michel Discipline and Punish London: Penguin Books, 1991French, poststructuralism, history, ethics, language, politics, power
Heidegger, Martin Being And Time NY: University Of New York Press, 1996German, existentialism, metaphysics
Heidegger, Martin What Is Philosophy? London: Vision Press, 1972German, existentialism, good life
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