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Information Technology is a broad field including network engineering, system administration, control systems and all the business and administrative aspects of running IT in organisations.

This guide is limited to Software Development and aims to help you get started teaching yourself the skills you need for what you want to achieve. Within Software Development there are a number of paths to follow, and many of them overlap. Skills gained in one area are often transferable to another.

For example, user interface design applies to almost any application, and many developers will eventually need to know SQL for database integration. Fundamental programming concepts, taught in Intro To Code apply across most modern languages.

There is a lot of material on the web, so this guide intends to give a broad overview of areas of study with some suggestions on good places to start. This is not an exhaustive list.

General tips:

Tutorials for common Programming Languages:

Free MOOCs

If you want to spend time doing a more rigorous course to learn more thoroughly, there are many free MOOCS. What is available will change, so it's best to search yourself for one that matches your needs. Here's a few available at the time of writing: