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Mapping shipping in 2012 and 2016. Digital Humanities is a rapidly changing field. If you don't start now and finish soon, it will look old when you are done. How do you make sure the project has lasting value?

GeoDiRT Digital Humanities mapping resources and examples. A good place to explore what's happening in the field.


Examples of 3D map visualisation in general, at the 'local' scale.

Hills of Donegal

Geneva, Switzerland

ARC GIS 'Story Maps'

Specifically designed for map focused narratives called 'Story Maps' (thanks to Mark Brown for mentioning these). They are very engaging and use cutting edge web design techniques, such as the scrolling navigation, full screen images, short video loops.


Aboriginal Tasmania Story Map

Napoleon's advance on and retreat from Moscow Elaborate data visualisation more than just a map, and paints a clear picture of why invading Russia is a mistake.

Ethno-linguistic map of Africa. Comprehensive detail and rich layers.

Atlas of Early Printing

Languages of Australia

The Kokoda Track

Icelandic Sagas Icelandic sagas are about places as much as people so lend themselves to mapping. Events and time overlap across and within sagas. Piecing together oral stories and anecdotes, you can see sometimes the writer struggling to organise concurrent threads into the serial structure of the codex. These maps, the result of an eco-critical journey, offer an alternative way to explore the weave, perhaps closer to their location and kin focused existance before being written. Because places are relatively easily identified in the sagas, if you happen to be reading Eyrbyggja saga, it's easy to pick out the particular mountain pass in which Snorri the Priest's slave waited for his chance to win freedom by killing the man who was paying too many visits to his master's married sister, and why, since it's so far to walk from Helgafell he'd had to make an excuse about looking for lost sheep. It's a great enhancement to the appreciation of the literature being able to see that the mountain which Snorri would sit on because no plan made on it's summit ever failed is a solitary mountain in the middle of a treeless plain surrounded by sea. It's also extraordinary to realise how much more populous the farmland was at that time than it is now, and yet how small the population was considering the extent and quality of the literature.