Speculative Web Space


SkeleCRED provides an 'instant' admin interface for database driven websites, ideal for rapid development. Just upload it to your server and configure the connection to your database for CRED (Create, Read, Edit, Delete) capability (also known as CRUD).

SkeleCRED is written in Object Oriented PHP so it is easy to extend and modify by editing the classes inherited from the 'core' classes. The user interface is easy to customise by using the 'display' class. Please note it is in early stages of development, and is expended to be improved regularly and soon.

SkeleCRED is open source and available at https://bitbucket.org/bpascoe/skelecred. It's free for education, research and not for profit. Contact bill.pascoe@newcastle.edu.au about remuneration if you want to use it for commercial purposes.

It was built to meet a need for quickly establishing small database driven websites. Some scenarios it's suited to:

SkeleCRED was specifically built for University research where there is often a need for small inexpensive database driven websites, often with a speculative nature, not motivated by large ROI, run by or of interest to a small group but which are none the less important in advancing research. It is use at HMRI for the Light Sheet Microscope, for the EMWRN website and XRef bibliography extension system.